Ponç abans de Ponç

Compiled by Pilar Parcerisas

Compilation of all critical writing and press articles about Joan Ponç from the beginning of his career to the present day.

59,00 €   820 p.
ISBN: 978-84-7226-975-0

Edicions Poncianes publishes Ponç abans de Ponç (‘Ponç before Ponç’), an essential volume to fully understand the figure of Joan Ponç, thanks to the great number of documents it compiles makes available. It is a comprehensive compilation of everything that has been written about Ponç in press, exhibition catalogues and other assorted publications. The book puts together critical writings of historical importance —which are otherwise inaccessible— that give a clear idea of the critical reception Ponç encountered at the beginning of his career. It includes historical reviews and, in full, some of the most accomplished literary approaches to the meaning of his work, such as:

  • Capses secretes, by Joan Ponç [Edicions Poncianes, 2010]
  • Exploració de l’ombra, by Joan Fuster and Joan Ponç [Polígrafa, 1974]
  • 97 notes sobre ficcions poncianes, by J.V. Foix and Joan Ponç [Polígrafa, 1974]
  • Interview in the TV programme «A fondo» by J. Soler Serrano [Tele-radio, 1976]

The book features articles by Alexandre Cirici, Arnau Puig , Enric Tormo, Francesc Miralles, Joan Brossa, Joan Teixidor, J. Corredor-Matheos, J.-E. Cirlot, Maria Lluïsa Borràs, Mordechai Omer, Sebastià Gasch, Antoni Tàpies, Baltasar Porcel, Eugeni d’Ors, Jacques Lassaigne, Joan Perucho, Jordi Coca, Josep Palau i Fabre, Lluís Permanyer, Modest Cuixart, R. Santos Torroella and Víctor Castells, among others.

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